Election Notice 2018




For the Session 2018-2019 & 2019-2020


All Corporate Members

South Gujarat Local Centre,

Mahida Bhavan, Ichchanath,




Be it known that the members of the Committee of South Gujarat Local Centre of The Institution of Engineers (India) shall retire at the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the said South Gujarat Local Centre. It has become necessary for the Corporate Members on the Roll as on 31.03.2018 attached to the South Gujarat Local Centre and the various Divisions duly established to elect from amongst themselves Corporate Members to the Committee For the Session 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 to fill the vacancies in each Division as follows.


Division Seat Division Seat
Agriculture Engg. Division 1 Environmental Engg. Division 1
Architectural  Engg. Division 1 Marine Engg. Division 1
Chemical Engg. Division 1 Mechanical Engg. Division 3
Civil Engg. Division 3 Metallurgical & Material Engg. Division 1
Computer Engg. Division 1 Mining Engg. Division Nil
Electrical Engg. Division 2 Production Engg. Division 1
    Textile Engg. Division 1


I, on behalf of the Board of Scrutineers duly constituted by the Committee of the South Gujarat Local Centre, call upon you to propose names(s) of Corporate Members from the same Division and submit your proposals to the Governor, Board of Scrutineers, at the office of the South Gujarat Local Centre, as above (address) not later than 19:00 hrs on

01 / 08 /2018.


Please note that the proposal, to be valid, must contain respective names, Membership grades, numbers and Division of both the proposer and proposed Corporate Member(s) together with the written consent of the proposed Corporate  Member to serve on the Council Committee, if elected. The Proposer shall also submit, an acceptable proof of his identity, viz PAN card or Driving License of Photo ID Card issued by state / central Government bearing his signature or Photo ID Card of The Institution bearing his signature or first page of his passport duly self-attested. The format of nomination is enclosed


Members retiring from the Committee after completion of three full tenure at a stretch shall not be eligible for re-election. However, they shall be eligible for re-election after a break of one-term.


As decided by the Council at its 691th Meeting held on 24-25 September 2016 at Haridwar, candidates desire to contest in the election of IEI shall deposit Rs. 3000/- as a non-refundable earnest money by Demand Draft drawn in favour of “The Institution of Engineers (India), Payable at Kolkata”.



(Er. Atul S. Shah)


Board of Scrutineers for Election to the Committee of

South Gujarat Local Centre for the Sessions 2018-19 & 2019-20


Date: 12-07-2018

Download the nomination form – CLICK HERE and submit the same duly filled and signed with enclosed particulars as above.

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