Virtual Labs & Experiments

AMIE Students can take benefit of virtual labs created by IITs under MHRD projects.

Links to various virtual lab sites are mentioned below. A student will need to get registered (Sign-up) and then log-in using created User ID and Password to have access to the Virtual labs. These lab experiments will be very useful for better understanding of the theoretical concepts, very easily (in the absence of access to a physical laboratory.) It can be very very useful to AMIE students.

You can find related video also that will help understanding concept from renowned and learned faculty members of different IITs. Labs and experiments available for different stream/ subjects at present are:

Civil Engineering:

  1. Soil Mechanics
  2. Basic Structural Analysis
  3. Virtual Smart Structures and Dynamics
  4. Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics
  5. Surveying

Electrical Engineering

  1. Electrical Machines (IITR) Lab
  2. Substation Automation Lab
  3. Sensors Modeling & Simulation Lab
  4. Virtual Power Lab
  5. Industrial Electric Drives Lab
  6. Industrial Automation Lab
  7. Electrical Machines (COEP) Lab
  8. PLC Lab
  9. Single Board Heater System Lab
  10. Real Time Embedded Systems Lab
  11. Electrical Machines, Power Electronics & Drives, Power Systems & Instrumentation Lab
  12. Electrical Machines (IITG) Lab
  13. Virtual Interactive Lab
  14. Creative Design, Prototyping & Experiential Simulation Lab
  15. Ergonomics Lab for Assessing Physical Aspects of Design Lab
  16. Virtual Anthropology Lab
  17. Electronic Instrumentation Lab

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Material Response to Microstructural, Mechanical, Thermal and Biological Stimuli Lab
  2. Metal Forming Lab
  3. Mechanics of Machine Lab
  4. Machine Dynamics & Vibration Lab
  5. Remote Triggered Vibration Lab
  6. Vibration and Acoustics Lab
  7. Micromachining Lab
  8. FAB Lab
  9. Materials – Thermal processing & Microstructural Characterization Lab
  10. General Purpose Production Shop Simulation Lab
  11. Nanocomposite, Fabrication and Biomaterials & Signal Processing Lab
  12. Aerospace Virtual Lab
  13. Mine Automation and Virtual Reality Lab
  14. Fluid and Thermal Sciences Lab

Chemical Engineering

  1. Process Control, Reaction Engineering and Unit Operations Lab
  2. Chemical Engineering Lab
  3. Simulation of Control of Magnetic Levitation System Lab
  4. Mass Transfer Lab

Electronics & Communications

  1. Virtual Microwave Lab
  2. Virtual Wireless Lab
  3. Queuing Networks Modelling Lab
  4. Virtual Microwave & Antenna Lab
  5. Hybrid Electronics Lab
  6. RF and Microwave Characterization Lab
  7. Transducer and Instrumentation Virtual Lab
  8. Electronic design using DSP,FPGA,CPLD and Microcontrollers Through Simulation & Direct Access of the Hardware Lab
  9. Digital Electronic Circuits Lab
  10. Digital Signal Processing Lab
  11. Fading Channels and Mobile Communications Lab
  12. Basic Electronics Lab
  13. Systems, Communication and Control Lab
  14. Digital VLSI Design Virtual Lab
  15. Signals and Systems Lab
  16. Electromagnetic Theory Lab
  17. Virtual Electric Circuits Lab

Physical Sciences

  1. Virtual Astrophysics Lab
  2. Virtual Anthropology Lab
  3. Virtual Optics Lab
  4. Solid State Physics Virtual Lab
  5. Virtual English and Communication Lab
  6. Virtual Advanced Mechanics Lab
  7. Laser Optics Virtual Lab
  8. Virtual Electricity & Magnetism Lab
  9. Virtual Heat & Thermodynamics Lab
  10. Virtual Modern Physics Lab
  11. Virtual Harmonic Motion and Waves Lab

Chemical Sciences

  1. Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy Lab
  2. Colloid and Surface Chemistry Lab
  3. Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy Lab
  4. Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy Lab
  5. Physical Chemistry (IIITH) Lab
  6. Physical Chemistry (Amrita) Lab
  7. Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Access Any of Above Virtual Labs Here (Lab + Video Lectures for explanation)