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The COUNCIL may establish Chapters in overseas countries with which India has diplomatic relationship for the benefit of members residing or practising engineering profession in those countries. The affaris of such Chapters shall be carried out in accordance with the…


The COUNCIL may establish Engineering College Students’ Chapters or Polytechnic Students’ Chapters at engineering colleges or polytechnics conducting courses recognised by the Institution with the respective engineering colleges or polytechnics and notify the establishment to the state/local Center within the…


The Sub-classification of above-mentioned areas are given hereunder in a tree structure. In order to fulfill its basic objective, the Institution has always right from its inception endeavoured to synthesize an amalgam of academic and practical training with experience.


In the light of the authority vested by the Royal Charter for certifying the competency of engineers,the COUNCIL of The Institution of Engineers may,at its discretion, approve that a person fulfilling the educational, technical and other experince criteria as prescribed…

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