200th Committee Meeting of IEISGLC

Members Present : 11
Absent : 9

The Chairman welcomed the present committee members. Leave of absence was granted to those who could not attend the meeting.
Item: 1
To confirm the minutes of 199th meeting of the Managing Committee of South Gujarat Local Centre, The Institution of Engineers India held on November 30th , 2023 at 7.30PM in the Committee Room of Mahida Bhavan Surat.


The Minutes of 199th meeting of the Managing Committee of South Gujarat Local Centre, The Institution of Engineers India held on November 30th , 2023 at 7.30PM in the Committee Room of Mahida Bhavan Surat IEI, South Gujarat Local Centre were circulated to members. No suggestions or comments have been received from any members of the committee. The afore said minutes were confirmed.

Item: 2
Brief report of Empowering Women for International Trade Through E- Learning & Ready Mix Concrete Workshop by Mr. Sandeep Dangi, Hon. Secretary, IEISGLC-Surat.
Mr. Sandeep Dangi Hon.Secretary, IEISGLC presented the brief report of Empowering Women for International Trade Through E-learning held on December 5th, 2023 in association with INDO THAI Chamber of MSMEs under the aegis of Computer Engineering Division. There were 80 participants in total for this program. DGFT and Mr. Bhautik Sheth, Digital Marketing strategist & Trainer were the Expert Speakers.
He additionally also informed that December 18th, 2023 South Gujarat Local Centre organized a One Day Work Shop on Ready Mix Concrete in association with UltraTech Cement under the aegis of Civil Engineering Division. More than 95 participants joined this workshop.

Item :3
Progress report of Website by Mr. Sandeep Dangi Hon. Secretary, IEISGLC-Surat.
Mr. Sandeep Dangi, Hon. Secretary, IEISGLC informed about the revival of the website, and highlighted the activities of the South Gujarat Local Centre. He additionally informed the committee members of any technical articles they could submit on our website. Furthermore, he informed about how the website and its makeover now included the inclusion of the contact details and name of the new committee members as well as technical activities performed by the South Gujarat Local centre is also available on our website.
He additionally requested everyone to sign up, visit our website, and submit suggestions for improvement.

Item: 4
To approve income-expenditure accounts for the third quarter from October to December-2023.
Resol: 4
Mr. Sandeep Dangi, Hon. Secretary, IEISGLC presented the third quarter income-expenditure accounts statement i.e. October-2023 to December-2023. The Third quarter income and expense report was approved by all committee members.

Item :5
To fill the vacant seats of the managing committee members for the sessions 2023-2024 & 2024-2025.
It was discussed and after deliberation decided to form a committee of four members 1) Dr. S. R. Surywanshi, Chairman 2) Mr. Sandeep Dangi, Hon. Secretary 3) Dr. Jignesh Vaghasia, Immediate Past Chairman and Prof. K. D. Panchal, Immediate past Hon. Secretary, IEISGLC Surat is to empower for fill up vacant seats.

Item: 6
To plan and discuss future technical activities.
Resol: 6
It was discussed and deliberated that three proposals were received from different divisions. One is from Mr. Himansu Bhatt to organise an Expert lecture event under the aegis of Mechanical engineering division in February month. The second proposal was received from Mr. Pavan Panwala and Mr. Tushar Javiya to arrange exhibition of Poster Presentation on ” SAVE WATER” at Bhilad ITI College as well as keynote lecture on water conservation. The Third proposal from Dr. Darshan Mehta was received for technical workshop under the aegis of civil engineering division as soon as possible.
Furthermore, Mr. Sandeep Dangi proposed allocating Rs. 10,000/-for the expenses of a technical event, requiring each division to carry out two technical activities in the next 12 months. Following the filing of a report and photos, the amount will be reimbursed on actual expense basis. All present members appreciated this decision and approved it.

Item: 7
To discuss about IE(I) Lease Deed for the South Gujarat Local Centre.
It was decided to contact Kendriya Vidhyala No. 1 for inquiry of their Lease. In this reference to write letter at Sub Registrar Office.

Item :8
Item from the Chair.
New Mobile purchase for Office use.
A One Plus Nord CE 3 Lite 5G mobile was purchased through Amazon, for which IEISGLC paid Rs. 21960/- (Twenty One Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Rupees Only). It was confirmed and approved.
Tree cutting is required behind the office of IEISGLC as it is dangerously placed near the boundary wall and looming against High Tension wire of DGVCL. We have already apprised SMC Garden Department and awaiting their approval.
The decision is pending.

Meeting ended with vote of thanks given by chairman IE(I) SGLC,Surat
Thanking you,

(Mr. Sandeep Dangi)
Hon. Secretary IE(I) S.G.L.C. Surat

Copy To: The Chairman IE(I)SGLC,
All the members of the Executive Committee,
Secretary & Director General-Kolkata, Hon. Secretary, Gujarat State Centre Ahmedabad

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